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In this age of diversity, getting comprehensive healthcare is a boon. Whether it is common illnesses like back pain, hypertension, high cholesterol, plies, obesity, or moderate-to-severe ailments like migraine, ovarian cysts, female infertility, paralysis, or irritable bowel syndrome, getting satisfactory Ayurveda treatment these days is a challenge. AyuKarma, is a holistic care system that brings the therapeutic values of Ayurveda to your service. AyuKarma has 84 years of specialization in providing traditional healing to a diverse set of clients. Treatments include Panchakarma, Cupping therapy, Meditative Healing, and curative therapies for obesity, female infertility, and piles.

As a multispecialty hospital, AyuKarma provides daycare facilities and recovery stays for detox programs and holistic health care. Consultations from Ayurvedacharya happen at the hospital from time to time. Experts conduct yoga sessions for the benefit of patients.

Dr. Puneet, a respectable name in Ayurveda, treats a broad spectrum of diseases by providing Ayurvedic treatment. His specialization areas include skin, respiratory, urinary, kidney failure, cardiology, digestive, autoimmunity, liver and gallbladder, musculoskeletal disorders, eye, ENT, oral, sexual diseases, joint pain, among others. Such is his work expertise that Dr. Puneet has received several national and global felicitations in Ayurveda.

Personalized curative solutions are offered to the patients after proper diagnosis and a deep analysis of the body. A great emphasis is put on prevention and impenitence of health through lifestyle change. 100% herbal formulations are used to maintain the essence of Ayurveda with authenticity. Dieticians also ensure you eat a Satvik diet during your treatment. That’s how patients gain wellness by experiencing the healing power of Ayurveda.


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