Ayurvedic Arthritis Treatment In Goa

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We may all love our modern lifestyle, but who likes pain or stiffness in joints in youth and mid-age? Joint pain halts our fast life, restricts our movement, and makes us depend on conservative medicines for temporary relief. Is this remedy convincing and satisfying? Think hard, and the answer is NO! Have you ever considered Ayurveda for arthritis treatment? It is effective in treating joint pain naturally and holistically. Two main types of Arthritis–osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis damage joints and surrounding tissues in different ways. This is an autoimmune disease that attacks healthy cells by mistake, causing painful swelling in the joints like wrists, hands, and knees.

Ayurvedic Arthritis Treatment In Goa health resorts provide special treatment for arthritis. Pizhichil involves lukewarm herbal oils application all over the body and is useful for rheumatic diseases like arthritis and paralysis. Vasthi or medicated enema is a therapeutic procedure in which herbal oils and extracts are applied through the rectum to treat constipation, arthritis, rheumatism, and gastric complaints.

Kizhi therapy is also effective for osteoarthritis and spondylitis. Cloths filled with herbal powders are applied to the affected body parts after being dipped in warm medicated oil. Snehapanam involves oral intake of preparations made from medicated oils or ghee. It is also effective for treating osteoarthritis. Goa has a nice climate and a friendly atmosphere to help you recover from mild to severe arthritis. Book a 7 to 21 days package to get complete treatment for arthritis. You will feel the difference after your treatment completion.


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