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Back Pain Treatment In Bangalore

Back pain has become as common as fever, cold, or cough. Orthopedic doctors suggest conservative treatment like pills and surgery to cure back pain, but it provides temporary relief. Your age, working habits, and diet may also play havoc with back muscles, tendons, and ligaments aggravating the problem. Non-surgical disk treatment is emerging as an alternate orthopedic therapy. Whether you are suffering from arthritis, lumbar spondylosis (low back pain), sciatica (a form of low back pain that moves down one or both legs), or bulging disks, make Ayurveda Back Pain Treatment In Bangalore resorts your go-to.

In Bangalore wellness retreats, you will find Ayurveda massage effective in stimulating the body’s natural healing processes through warm medicated oils and herbal poultices. The entire process reduces pain and stiffness in your lower back. Basti, a Panchakarma detox therapy helps in pain management by reducing inflammation in the spine region. Basti is about medicated enemas that lubricate the joints to reduce pain and stiffness. It helps improve mobility which is a plus point for patients suffering from back pain.

Then there is Kati Basti to treat joint pain and stiffness. Warm oil is applied to the lower back to reduce pain and perk up mobility. All these are safe therapies and natural options to traditional treatment for pain management. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help manage the symptoms of back pain. Come over to Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment In Bangalore health resorts of your choice and budget to start and benefit from natural back pain treatment.


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