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Living with pain is not normal. It prevents us from leading our lives to the fullest. It stops us from doing everyday physical tasks and going to work. Why elderly individuals, even the youth of today, succumb to pain of all kinds, particularly back pain, given long desk hours and more physical inactivity? At Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India, trained practitioners and staff treat back pain with the help of Ayurvedic treatments and remedies. The quality of natural care here goes a long way in moving you from numbness in the back to wellness. The professionally trained staff also teach you posture correction techniques for perfect spine alignment, whether you are sitting or walking.

One of the main reasons for back pain in most of us is poor fitness. We spend little time on activities contributing to back health, like strength exercises for the back, and abdominal muscles, and flexible body stretching. With transport facilities at our disposal, we mentally resist walking, even to the nearest store, to buy essential goods. This can take a toll on our spine and make us rely on a sedentary lifestyle to work, shop, and learn. Ayurveda-trained staff at Jim Corbett make you learn the importance of physical fitness and stretching to help you increase your activity for back health. Lifting heavy objects can be strenuous for your back. Ayurveda Back Pain Treatment In Jim Corbett, you are taught basic methodologies like bending your knees when you lift objects in order to distribute your weight evenly.

Did you know that hydration is the key to good spine health? Drinking several glasses of water a day can help in body hydration, including your spine discs that need water to keep them cushiony. This is good for back health, a remedy advised to patients at Jim Corbett. Yoga, particularly restorative yoga, and regular massage help avoid stress-related problems in the back. Yoga sessions are taken at Jim Corbett for the benefit of patients struggling with back pain. The sleeping position and posture can make or harm spine health. Medical staff at Jim Corbett advise you to take a supportive pillow and mattress and sleep on your back or side for better spine health. The chair you sit on should support your lower back, and both feet rest flat on the floor. Now that you know the well-being gestures of Jim Corbett Park for your spine health, come and book your stay here today.


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