Ayurveda Diabetes Treatment In Kerala

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We all have a sugar craving. Whether it is tea, coffee, desserts, or sugary drinks, our sweet tooth makes us consume an excess of sugar in a day. This sugar inclination can lead to diabetes, a type of disease in which a person has high blood sugar. Ayurvedic physicians call diabetes ‘madhumeha’ (honey-like sweet urine), Type 1 diabetes affects youth whereas Type 2 diabetes affects body weight. Conventional medication for diabetes involves insulin injections, a painful exercise that a patient has to take as prescribed.

Ayurveda also has safe and effective treatment for diabetes, which involves lifestyle and diet modifications for better control of blood sugar levels. Kerala has the right Ayurveda resorts for alternate diabetes treatment. Your 10-15 days stay at an Ayurveda center in Kerala can help minimize or stop diabetic drugs and stabilize blood sugar levels in your body. The Ayurveda Diabetes Treatment In Kerala will lead to improved improvement in symptoms, increase energy levels, improve immunity, and cardiovascular health.

Apart from oral medications, body purification and massage treatments like Abhyangam, Pizhichil, and diet planning are recommended by the resort’s in-house Ayurvedic team of doctors and medical staff. Yoga and physical fitness are also given prime emphasis during Ayurvedic diabetes treatment. Prevention of disease development in pre-diabetic patients is also looked into. Regular follow-ups are suggested for diabetic patients to adopt healthier lifestyles and timely track blood sugar levels to prevent future complications. Book diabetes treatment in Kerala today and start the early medication to get fruitful results.


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