Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre In Bangalore

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Welcome to the old world charm of Ayurvedagram Ayurvedic Heritage Wellness Resort nestled as it is in verdant greenery.



Stress Management

Weight Reduction

Old Age Care

Yoga & Meditation

Spine & Joint Care

Women's Health Programs

Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre In Bangalore

Located in the outskirts of Bangalore city is a beautiful haven of wellness and spirituality. Ayurvedagram heritage wellness centre is no ordinary place but a deeply spiritual health resort that impresses the guests through Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and Ayurveda Remedies.

Ayurvedagram, Bangalore is spread over 9 acres of lush greenery. Friendly animals and plants are your best neighbors here whilst aromatic herbs and medicinal trees acquaint you with the power of holistic healing.

Authentic treatment is the hallmark of ayurvedagram heritage. Guests come from across the world to Ayurvedagram with lifestyle to age-related complaints of depression, hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, arthritis. From nature-plucked treatments in body rejuvenation and Panchakarma to pulse diagnosis, and herbal medicines from Kerala Ayurveda Limited (KAL), everything at Ayurvedagram revolves around the wellness center’s “Heart of Healing” motto.The splendid settings of the place attract valuable clients for their health problems and detox needs. Take a few days break in the charming world of Ayurvedagram Wellness Centre and go back a fresh and rejuvenated you.


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