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Everyday bathing is an important process for maintaining health and hygiene. It helps cleanse your body of germs and dirt that settle on your skin. What about your internal cleansing? Does it sound new to you?

Ayurvedic therapy Panchakarma is a centuries-old practice whose major role is to cleanse your body organs for your overall health and vitality. The cleansing procedures are five-pronged, hence the name Panchakarma, and are individual-specific based on your health problems. The visit to a panchakarma center in Pune is a journey of cleansing and awakening your healing energies no conventional medication can ever match.

When you check in for Panchakarma Treatment In Pune at any of the Ayurvedic centers, you will experience five cleansing methods–Nasyam (toxin elimination through the nose), Vamanam (therapeutic vomiting), Virechanam (purgation), Vasthy (enema), and Rakthamoksham (blood detoxification). Individuals availing of Panchakarma therapies will also go through post-purification measures matching with one’s body constitution to eject the toxins. Oily food, daytime sleep, excessive sitting, and unnecessary eating are certain strict practices to be avoided by tourists practicing Panchakarma treatment. Dietary herbs and sattvic foods are the backbones of Panchakarma healing therapy. The treatment oils for massage and intake are authentic and compliment your body’s purification processes.

The execution of customized Panchakarma Therapies happens to individual tolerance and receptivity level. So, this age-old self-healing is a deeply purifying and enriching practice to gain stronger health and a clearer mind. Book for yourself or your friends and family a Panchakarma package and experience detox, rejuvenation, and true wellness.

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