Panchakarma Treatment In Palakkad

Panchakarma in Palakkad are ideal for body cleansing and rejuvenation. Enhance your productivity by starting a wellness regimen.

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Alternate treatments are gaining immense popularity as more and more people are preferring safe treatments with no side effects. Ayurveda is one such therapy that is winning several customers each day for its harmless therapies that yield positive results.

Panchakarma is the Ayurvedic therapy we are going to talk about. Ayurveda manuscripts teach us about body-transforming and rejuvenating therapies. Panchakarma Treatment In Palakkad is one such treatment that involves five different purification methods to enhance the metabolic process. They are Nasyam (nasal administration of medication), Vamana (induced vomiting), Virechana (toxins made to pass out the body through the anus), Vasti (medicated oil is made to enter the body through the anal route to pull toxins out of the colon), Rakthamoksha (bloodletting through leech application).

Palakkad in Kerala is an ideal destination to practice Panchkarma. The healing environs and less crowded city make it preferable to focus on comprehensive Panchakarma treatments. Special diet is given to the patients taking Panchakarma Center In Palakkad for an average of 3-7 days to let the body attain normalcy. If you are time-pressed, attempt to go for Panchakarma therapy at least once a year as a way of cleansing and preserving the body. Take along family members to Palakkad for this therapy for a collective experience.


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