Panchakarma Treatment In Goa

Living a healthy and positive life is the sole focus of Ayurveda. If there is one talented technique that has made body detoxification and rejuvenation form the basis of good health, it is Ayurveda Panchakarma.

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28 Days Panchakarma Program

Panchakarma signifies five therapeutic treatments or procedures – Basti, Nasya, Rakta Mokshan, Vamana, and Virechan. Each person undergoing panchakarma treatment in goa gets custom-made treatment based on his/her health constitution, ailment history, and present need. Young or old, Indian or international, anyone can get the best Panchakarma therapy for healing and recovery where conventional allopathic treatment fails.

When you check-in at any Panchakarma Center In Goa, ideally go in for a 21-day treatment package. When you put in a minimum of 2 weeks or a maximum of 4 weeks’ stay at a Panchakarma resort in Goa, you will see health improvement. So powerful is the impact of Panchakarma treatment that it can sometimes do a reversal of your disease, depending on your health condition at the start of the therapy.

The accommodation at Panchakarma retreat Goa is price-friendly. You get the benefit of single occupancy and double sharing, depending on your budget and preference. Guests in their free time can set out for a trip to Goa beaches and cafes. Yoga and meditation classes help visitors discover the correct definition of peace and focus in daily life.


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