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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is caused when there is elevated pressure of the blood in blood vessels. Other factors like the patient’s age, sex, family history, diet plan, and level of physical and mental activities also impact the hypertension level. Unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyles are the major reasons for hypertension. This leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body, thus creating blocks in the passage and leading to high blood pressure. Stress, anxiety, obesity, and excessive intake of tea and coffee can also add to hypertension.

Ayurvedic Hypertension Treatment In Kerala helps identify the root cause of hypertension and then devises accurate treatment methods to help you recover from this ailment. Herbal decoction and complete body detoxification and cleansing help remove the root cause of hypertension by removing the accumulated toxins from the body and cleansing the internal system to promote to regulate the smooth flow of blood in the body. Yoga is also included in the hypertension treatment plan in Kerala resorts, along with herbal medications and Ayurvedic procedures for mind relaxation and body rejuvenation.

Ayurvedic doctors also recommend lifestyle and diet modifications for faster recovery and long-lasting results. Common dietary changes include avoiding red meat, eggs, pickles, table salt, beverages like tea or coffee, and harmful habits like alcohol and smoking. Physical exercises like brisk walking, jogging, and yoga are suggested to keep a tab on high blood pressure. Come book your spot in Kerala Resorts today to get the professional Ayurveda Hypertension Treatment In Kerala.


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