Little Cove Yoga Ayurveda Resort Nashik

It is hard to keep the mind, spiritual energies, and physical wellbeing in harmony. Work pressure and our ever-growing professional hunger sometimes leave us little time to make our inner self quiet and balanced. This can disturb our internal equilibrium and upset our body functions. Little Cova Yoga Ayurveda Resort, set in the quiet town of Nashik, helps you benefit from a healthy body and vibrant spirit. It is a new step towards holistic healing from the founders Mr. Mahendra Pardeshi and Mr. Sunita Pardeshi, who have a successful yoga holiday retreat in Goa.

The Nashik Yoga Ayurveda Resort does good to your body by harmonizing yoga, nature, and comfort with authentic Ayurveda treatments. Experienced Ayurveda practitioners and therapists customize yoga sessions, according to one’s illness and body requirements. Special medications prepared according to the patient’s needs help improve immunity, health, and wellbeing.

Quality healthcare is given utmost importance at the Little Cove Ayurveda Resort. Various cleansing and detoxing therapies are used to help you get the utmost internal and external healing. There is strict supervision of safety and hygiene standards at the Yoga Ayurveda Resort. The staff is courteous. The ambiance is welcoming. Hospitality helps you move towards a healthier self. Accommodation comprising single and double room wooden cottages give you a garden and pool view. Ayurveda treatments include massages, steaming, sweating, and lubrication performed, keeping in mind your body constitution and the aggravated doshas. Spend a few days with Yoga and Nature at the Little Cove Yoga Ayurveda Resort, Nashik, and gain stress-free, relaxed and energetic days ahead.’


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