Jeevess Ayurveda Resort In Wayanad

The field of Ayurveda is truly vast and unique. It presents new therapies and treatments for humanity, regardless of race and creed. Many have switched to Ayurveda for common to severe illnesses for its beneficial results with no side effects. Aside from Indians, even foreigners appreciate the impact of Ayurveda across all age groups. Jeevess Ayurveda in Wayanad, Kerala is a chosen destination for patients who cherish and prefer Ayurveda treatment over clinical and cosmetic therapies. Jeevess Ayurveda aspires to maintain the health of a healthy person and cure the disease of a diseased person with professional skills and experience.

Jeevess Chikitsa involves various treatment procedures at Jeevess Ayurveda for musculoskeletal diseases, metabolic and systemic disorders, skin diseases and allergic conditions, arthritis and rheumatologic diseases, neurological diseases, and gynecological conditions, etc.
Jeevess Swastha is a unique treatment program designed to attain well-being through diet, yoga, and classical Ayurveda treatments. It focuses on balancing the doshas and basic body functions like digestion, metabolism, excretion, etc, and helps in better functioning of sense organs.
Jeevess Prana aims to improve the health conditions of COVID-affected patients and SAR syndrome by providing them with necessary treatments that aim to reduce the impact of potential problems in the future.

Come and try Jeevess Mukta, a complete Ayurvedic body detoxification program that uses appropriate Panchakarma treatments to revitalize the body by eliminating deep-seated harmful substances.Jeevess Urja is a physical fitness program for sports enthusiasts. It uses traditional Kalari martial arts practices, yoga, Ayurveda wisdom, and contemporary science related to sports and fitness for aspiring children, active sportspersons, and those with reduced sports activity who aim to change their activity as per physiological changes.

For accommodation, there are four single cottages and five double cottages named after fruits in alphabetical order. The corresponding fruits are planted in front of their respective cottages. The rooms have modern-style bathrooms and comfortable living facilities. There is a small forest behind the single cottage, where you can trek down to see a rivulet that merges with the famous Kabini River. At Jeevess Ayurveda, you can also come and explore specialty cures and signature programs for infertility, paralysis, IBS, pigmentation, fistula, uric acid, gall bladder stone, PCOS, and allergic rhinitis. Or delve into yoga, rejuvenation, weight loss, cervical spondylosis, fatty liver, muscular dystrophy, osteoarthritis, skin rashes, and itching. Visit Jeevess Ayurveda in Kerala and broaden your scope of achieving health and wellness.


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