Daksha Ayurveda Kerala

If you are eager to get an authentic experience of Kerala Ayurveda, you will browse many options. Some Kerala Ayurveda centers are budget-friendly, whereas some put foremost importance on quality and reputation. Daksha Ayurveda Kerala is a heritage home that delivers an authentic experience of quintessential Ayurveda in a healing setup. 


Daksha Ayurveda is in a typical Kerala village in the heart of Palakkad district. You will find swaying mango trees, natural ponds, legendary temple structures, paddy fields, and a verdant landscape. Did you know Daksha has an impeccable history of over 200 years in traditional Ayurveda? 


Coming to services, you will find a blend of Wellness Therapies and Special Treatments at Daksha Ayurveda. In Wellness, you can explore Detoxification and Rejuvenation, Weight Reduction, Stress & Strain Relief, and Karkidaka Chikitsa (in monsoon). Special Treatments at Daksha Ayurveda cater to Bone, Joint, Arthritis, Spine, Digestive, Neurological, and Urinary diseases and disorders. Thinking of the stay duration? Ideally, 7 to 28 days are suggested for an Ayurvedic treatment program and is customized to individual health concerns and ailments. 


An average treatment room at Daksha Ayurveda Kerala allows one patient and one treatment therapist/caretaker. In-house doctors suggest suitable Ayurvedic therapies after an initial consultation. They include Abhyangam (preparatory procedure), Swedanam (medicated steam bath), Kizhi (poultice), Shirodhara (pouring of medicated oil or buttermilk on forehead), Udwarthanam (deep tissue massage), Pizhichil (lukewarm medicated oil therapy using cotton cloths), Nasyam (medicated oil administered through the nose), Vasthi (medicines administered through rectum), Vamanam (induced vomiting for toxin elimination), and so forth.


Eco-friendly Daksha Ayurveda provides accommodation only to people seeking Ayurvedic medical treatments. Advanced reservation is necessary for booking confirmation for inpatient treatments. You may seek a doctor’s consultation at the time of admission. Treatments will be conducted either in the morning or evening slot. You also learn Yoga and Ayurveda basics during your stay here. 


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