Ayurgem Ayurveda Munnar

Kerala is famous for its traditional Ayurveda. No wonder it continues to attract people from all walks of life and age groups for the value it brings to health.

AyurGem Ayurvedic Specialty Hospital in Munnar (Kerala, India) is a perfect combination for the body and mind to de-stress, rejuvenate, and get cured. AyurGem is popular for traditional and authentic Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy and treatments and is the perfect destination and ambiance to get Ayurvedic healthcare.

What is unique about AyurGem Ayurveda? It effectively integrates all the accumulated achievements of Ayurveda through centuries with modern diagnostic techniques to ensure complete healing.

The Munnar-based center inherits a legacy of four generations of proper diagnosis and authentic treatment by expert doctors using genuine Ayurvedic medicines in the most hygienic and natural environment. You get highly economical and affordable packages and see visible progress in 21 days for problems related to kidney, skin, orthopedics, gastrointestinal disorders, and post-COVID problems.

AyurGem’s Wellness & Rejuvenation service focuses on a healthy lifestyle that aims at minimizing stress, preventing wear & tear, delaying the aging process, and creating positive changes. Body rejuvenation with the help of pure Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy rituals, Yogic meditation, delicious Ayurvedic cuisine, and other holistic healing experiences results in body, mind, and soul balance. Patients get comprehensive rehabilitation services in AyurGem’s state-of-art wellness resort in the lush green eco-friendly pristine atmosphere of Munnar.

Modern-day working professionals suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and other health problems. AyurGem has an Ayurvedic Rejuvenation package for IT Professional Couples designed to equip you for better performance in the days to come.


  • Daily yoga classes and meditation accompanied with Pranayama sessions
  • Daily full-body Ayurveda massages
  • Wellness, nutrition, and Ayurveda consultation
  • Amazing landscapes
  • Absolute privacy
  • Balcony with a mountain view
  • Yoga discussions with Acharya and doctors
  • Daily organic and vegetarian dishes

The staff follows all safety protocols at AyurGem Ayuvedic Specialty Hospital. An isolation facility for COVID-19-suspected or infected guests is available. Protective measures like sanitizing, face masks, etc. are in place for all staff members. Vegetarian, fruitarian, organic, and Ayurvedic diet served are in keeping with dietary requirements.


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