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In post-pandemic times, nothing is more important than health. Good health is a gift from God. It is for us humans to maintain it well. Any good wellness program treats the body, mind, and soul holistically. Staying at Atmantan wellness centre tucked away in Pune city of Maharashtra gives you a deep and lasting healing experience.

Anxiety and stress may have bogged you down since last year. Body infections and a sedentary lifestyle could have seriously affected your health. Atmantan resort Pune helps to revitalize your body to a healing transformation.Conceptualized by health and fitness visionaries, Atmantan resort  is the wellness pit stop for health-conscious people wanting upscale treatments in wellness. Atmantan is the largest resort in India to deploy solar energy as the primary source of heating water for the resort’s application needs. It is also a GOLD LEED-certified project.

The wellness therapies in Atmantan Wellness Resort are truly extensive for all age groups and needs. Choose between Ayurveda and aromatherapy treatments. Explore western massages, anti-aging facials, body-purifying skin polishes, cocoon wraps, Pranic chakra scan-and-cleanse. There is oriental acupressure, and specialized treatments like Vichy showers, Hamman, soothing balneotherapy (mineral springs bathing), and open colon cleansing.

Atmantan is a well-known spa resort as well where you can embrace paramount healing for your body and senses. There are Super Immunity programs for post COVID recovery, Natural Healing for Disease Management, Weight Management, Ayurvedic Panchakarma, and Detox packages, and Restorative Physiotherapy to manage external injuries. Take up specialized wellness packages at Atmantan Wellness to live life wholesomely and healthy.


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