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The modern-day lifestyle is pleasing, but has its cup of woes. Sedentary habits and an unbalanced diet can invite chronic diseases and ailments. Ayurveda is a discipline that never lets you down. 

Amal Tamara, a new Ayurveda retreat in Kerala, helps you make a lifestyle switch. This boutique property near the Vembanad Lake in Alleppey’s village is an hour’s drive from the Kochi airport. 


Tamara belongs to a family of doctors practicing Ayurveda since the 1900s. CEO Shruti Shibulal’s late grandfather, Dr. CK Damodaran, mastered this ancient school of medicine in Thiruvananthapuram. His age-old teachings handed down through generations found a home at Amal Tamara.


The Ayurvedic concept ‘Chikitsa Chatushpasa’ is Amal Tamara’s wellness philosophy. It is where the patient, physician, therapist, and medicine work together in harmony to achieve your wellness goals.


An initial patient assessment is done with tests to identify the problem. Thereafter, a team of doctors specializing in various branches of Ayurveda design a 7–21-day personalized wellness program. The treatment plans address low immunity, stress, weight management, diabetes, aging, and other such issues. 


A typical day at the Amal Tamara retreat begins with the Agnihotra ritual for air purification, followed by a therapeutic yoga session. The rest of the day is spent practicing meditation, exploring the herb garden, and learning all about the Ayurveda medicinal plants. 


The Ayurveda treatments at Amal Tamara are the best remedy for your health problems. Nasyam treatment provides relief from headaches, migraine, and sinusitis. The Kalari Marma Chikitsa is an ancient massage technique for fractures and dislocations. To unwind, try Njavarakizhi, a massage therapy that uses rice cooked in herbal extracts and milk. 

Amal Tamara doesn’t follow a set menu. The dietician recommends food based on Ayurvedic principles. No refined flour, refined sugar, and preservatives are used.  

Come, book your stay at Amal Tamara, Kerala, and go back with a memorable wellness experience. 


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